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At the Neighborhood Law Group of Iowa, we value the art of problem-solving to help you reach a solution regarding your family law, guardianship/eldercare, business-related or other type of disagreement.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that uses an interactive process where our mediators serve as an impartial third party to assist in resolving disputes through negotiation and communication between parties. We focus on the interests of the parties to help develop a resolution after analyzing with the parties (and any attorneys involved), the standards a Court may use, but in offering ideas and solutions based on the parties’ concerns.

The Benefits of Mediation

Cost: While there are fees for mediation itself, resolution through mediation generally will cost less than the normal associated attorney fees for taking your dispute to a contested trial.

Convenience: Mediation may assist in a more timely resolution than the time your matter may take to obtain a trial date. We offer mediation in person or via teleconferencing by phone or web-based services.

Confidentiality: While hearings are generally public, mediation is a confidential process. The parties maintain control over their resolution rather than allowing a Judge or Jury to dictate the result of your legal dispute.

Civility: Because the parties are working toward a mutual agreement, many parties are able to preserve civility following a mediation that would not be possible in a contentious trial where parties will call witnesses and provide evidence to “prove” their case. In mediation a resolution can be developed through recognizing party interests and coming up with solutions, rather than dragging each other through the mud. This is especially important in matters where children are involved. Children are bright and intelligent. They know when there is tension surrounding their well-being even if nothing is ever said to them about the matter itself.

We strive to help people come up with resolutions in difficult situations. We are ready to help guide you through the mediation process and help you solve your dispute with civility.